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In Proinla, agility, price and quality are the first. For this we take special care to get modern designs and professional finishes. We pretend to be part of our clients team and collaborate in an integral way in their manufacturing process, giving advice and achieving a higher profitability for your business, which we feel as our own.

  1. Metal
  2. |Flash Metal
  3. |Poliéster
  4. Inyectada
  5. |Invisible
  6. |Reeco
  7. Cursores

Environmental Responsability

In proinla we never stand still and we never give up. We are always improving the way to carry out our production processes more carefully and respectful with the planet in each time.
We want to protect the environment all we are able to. Click on the button to see our sustainable development project.

International Presence

Porinla is a key company of Cabosa Group. Therefore, in recent years we have opted for a growth strategy and geographic diversification that has allowed us to grow quickly and sustainably. In this way we have managed to reach an internationally relevant position within these markets.



Santander Street, 25, 08020 Barcelona